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Lifetime Archives Video Tributes is a 100% US based, high quality digital editing and media conversion service. The Video Tribute services available on this site integrate with Facebook image-sharing features and will allow you to create a more advanced slideshow or image montage with custom music, titles and transition styles. No application installations or download of software is required.
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Our Personal Story Lifetime Archives is dedicated to the memory of Josephine "Josie" Mendillo Torlish. Josie and Steve started their Lifetime Archives video tribute service in 2003 by organizing and converting thousands of family pictures and videos into a digital format. Over the generations their families collected a lot of old Super 8 film, all sorts of photos and many different types of home video tapes. They wanted to create a fun way to share all those moments as a short and entertaining video montage, but much nicer than just a simple slideshow; something to smile about on special occasions with friends and family.
Lifetime Archives is dedicated to the memory of Josephine "Josie" Mendillo Torlish.
Combining her charming personality with Steve's technical skills, they created "cute and fancy" tribute videos that recollected fun family stories. The Tributes became very popular within their circle of friends and family during silver anniversaries, kids birthdays and bar mitzvah's and as a special presentation during wakes to celebrate the life of loved ones. This site was launched a few years later to offer their special way of sharing memories to others and the rest is beautiful history. Sadly, Josie crossed over in 2014 before seeing all of their video tribute business come to fruition. With a lot of time, compassion and inspiration, our team continues forward in her honor and hopes to create a memorable presentation for your family as well.

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Video Heirloom Memorial
Home video and photo montage memorial for wake, funeral or bereavement event. Includes custom music, captions and elegant effects.
Makes remembering fun!
Honor the memory of love ones
Celebrate the moments of life
Share with future generations
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Photo & Video Transfer
Convert and transfer many types of video, film, photos and slides to compatible digital formats. Delivered on DVD, download or USB thumbdrives.
Archive memories for safety
Preserve aging media
Convert to new digital formats
Easy to share and recollect
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Personal Video Tribute
Create a custom keepsake Video Tribute to celebrate someone special. Upload your memories and watch our digital media specialists work their magic.
Birthday and Anniversary Gift
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